CMYK Graphix's Guarantee

We want you to be delighted with our printing and finishing quality. Our low prices and fast turnarounds are achieved by printing to a pleasing color standard through the use of standard ink densities when an on line proof is used. If we introduce errors during the production process, we'll reprint your job from your original file for free. Just send us an email for return instructions. It's important to note that with the wide variation in technologies, color spaces used by different technologies and equipment calibration of various display and printing devices preclude us from guaranteeing the color match with an on-line proof. However, we will guarantee a match in accordance with our terms and conditions with a hard copy proof. Our guarantee does not cover copy errors in your file or low resolution photography or graphics. It also does not cover mechanical ghosting caused by the design or layout of a printed form. Ghosting can occur when heavy or dense amounts of ink are printed in one area and then affect the ink density of another area resulting in unwanted images However, you can be assured that we'll always do our very best to deliver the highest quality with your print publications.