Brochures, Flyers and Sell Sheets

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About Brochures

Brochures, flyers and sell sheets are the most common and versatile of today's print publications. They're powerful and extremely versatile in both content and use. Brochures, flyers, sell sheets and data/product sheets are frequently used to promote products and services by all types and sizes of organizations. They make a great mini catalog in the11' x 17' format. Use them as handouts at trade shows and conferences or have your sales reps use them as a sales aid. Letter (tri-fold) or half fold them and they become a great self mailer for a direct mail campaign. The uses of this format are only limited by your creativity.

Colors and Coatings

All brochures feature 2 or 4-color printing on the front. The second side can be blank, printed with black ink, 2 colors or 4-color process. You also have the option to add aqueous coating. Aqueous coating provides for a glossier and brighter look to 4-color work and helps reduce scuff and finger print marks. It is gives a great upscale look and feel to your printed piece while protecting it in use and in the mail.

Paper Stocks

We offer the following paper options for brochures:

  • 80# gloss text, the most commonly used stock with an optimal mix of feel, look and economy.
  • 80# matte text, a coated stock with excellent color reproduction characteristics but without the gloss or shinny look. With its dull finish, it's often chosen where there is lot of text or type. The dull finish makes words or text easier to read than a highly reflective gloss stock.
  • 100# gloss text, approximately 25% thicker than 80# text with a little more upscale feel.
  • 80# gloss cover, double the thickness of 80# gloss text. The cost to score this stock when folding is included in our pricing.
  • 100# gloss cover, about 25% heavier than 80# cover when you need a very upscale look and feel to your publication.