Catalogs, Annual Reports and Pamphlet

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About Catalogs

Catalogs are usually printed full color (also called 4-color or CMYK) on coated or glossy stock. Just think of the seemingly endless stream of promotional catalogs we receive in our mail boxes every day. Catalogs promote your products or services in vibrant full color detail. And research has clearly shown that people respond significantly better (over 50% better) to full color versus black and white. Catalogs, with their multi-page format, are powerful and versatile print communication vehicles. And in today’s digital world and with the amount of information available on the internet, there still is nothing like a well done catalog. Its vibrant, full color images really do burst off the page into the minds and hearts of the reader. That’s why print publications remain so important to the success of every organization. Just click to get an Instant Price Quote for your catalog.

Catalog Binding Options

Page counts of 80 and below will be saddle stitched and your publication must be in 4 page increments when saddle stitched. A page is one side of one sheet of paper. You may use the same coated paper used to print the body pages for the cover of a saddle stitched catalog (called a self cover catalog)  Catalogs over 80 pages will be perfect bound and require a heavier and more durable coated stock. Perfect binding is a method in which a catalog’s pages are cut and then bound to the spine and soft paper cover with glue. CMYK Graphix will do perfect bound catalogs up to 500 pages as well as plastic coil or spiral binding of catalogs. You’ll need to request a custom quote for spiral binding. Just click to get an Instant Price Quote for your catalog.