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About Newsletters
Newsletters are one of the most effective of all print communications for reaching a targeted audience. That’s because they usually have useful editorial content as their focus versus the promotional content typical of most brochures, postcards and catalogs. Newsletters are used by all types of organizations - - businesses, not-for–profit organizations, governmental agencies, churches, schools, etc. They‘re a terrific way to keep customers (or employees and members) and prospects alike informed and up to date on your organization’s products, services and activities. A full color, well written and designed newsletter can become the single most important and effective promotional tool you use.

Newsletter Options
Choose a full color (4-color or CMYK) cover to make your newsletter really stand out. Your Newsletter can be full color throughout, or feature full color on the front and back cover and 2-colors inside. You can also choose from both coated and uncoated stocks depending on the look and feel you’re trying to achieve along with your budget. We offer a full array of folding options for making your newsletter into a self mailer. At CMYK Graphix, we’re dedicated to helping you make that newsletter an over whelming success. Just click to get an Instant Price Quote for your newsletter